Three part TF drawing featuring a man becoming a donkey. In the first image he is wearing a blue button down over a white tshirt and jeans, standing at a bar holding a mostly full glass beer stein with a smug expression, his ears beginning to grow. In the second image, he is about halfway to donkey. His face has grown into a snout, his ears grown, his hands and feet are becoming hooves, a small tail pops out of his pants, fur grows in patches on his skin, and he is gaining mass and outgrowing his stretched and ripped clothing- his furry belly peeking out from his shirt. In the last image he stands in front of a mirror with a worried expression. He is mostly donkey now, a donkey face reflected back at him holding one ear with a hand that is rapidly becoming hoof. His shirt is too small for his donkey belly and his pants and underwear are gone completely. A fully grown tail points to the mostly empty beer stein on the counter, only a few sips remain…ALT

Don’t forget to tip your bartender at Pleasure Island Brewing 🍺🐴

Donkey TF comm for DariusWhitefur