sorry mutuals if you reblog AI generated images, i can will and must point them out as such 😔

i highly encourage everyone to be far more skeptical of any and all rendered images they see, particularly those with a dreamlike quality. scrutinize the small details, like jewelry, tattoos, strands of hair, flower bunches, the points of stars, or the way cloth folds. sometimes AI can manage to produce some sophisticated hands and eyes, but sometimes there are no organic figures to reference and the devil always truly lies in the details.

this one just appeared on my dash, and with it’s nice palette and convincing textures it could pass as a nice photobash mockup of a fantasy room.

except. what is going on with the filigree? why are half the stars misshapen blobs? what is the design on the headboard supposed to be? what’s going on with the lantern and its reflection? what’s happening to the perspective in the corner? what in the hell is the thing in the top right even supposed to be? 

the longer you look, the more it resembles that famous image that’s supposed to represent having a stroke. 

all my homies hate ai generated images and i encourage everyone to take just a little bit more time looking over rendered pieces they see. i find that these days, thanks to this, i am admiring the small details used by real artists even more. 

Not if you want to do it regularly or consistently.