I had a hot girl post-Threshold Day moment reading @elephant-in-the-pride-parade’s fic: HERE

Ummmmm what can I say… They’re all kinda inspied from scenes in the fic… The bathrobe scene made me go Insane Wormy Mode LIKE I KNEW IT WOULD HAHAHA I’M A LITTLE PREDICTABLE. And the scene where’s she’s being a sad moody baby about the whole debacle and fiddling with her comm badge and staring at her reflection in its surface and feeling angsty and spiteful about it WE STAN. <3

I could say it was an excuse to tackle a very visual,,, and pivotal,,, part of the AU that I’d been super intimidated (and bashful teehee) about drawing,,, but I had so much fun with this and I’d conveniently been working up to it days prior by drawing her “evolving” lol.

I’m so grateful for this being written I’m AGAIN a little BASHFUL with content like this despite me ENJOYING IT A LOT LIKE A FREAK HAHAHA, THANK YOU ELEPHANT. <33333333333333