Heads up hoes; the GShade dev has gone off the fucking rails and turned the damn program into malware. If you’re using it for The Sims, FFXIV, Guild Wars 2, etc, it’s a good time to uninstall it, after this recent update.

source: gideon

If the program detects it has been modified in any sort of way, it reboots your PC.

source: perchbird

In case anyone hasn’t seen this yet… Time to uninstall.

You can find ReShade here, and all old versions here.

As a guy who’s worked for an antivirus company in the department that analyzes malware:

That behavior is absolutely malware (unexpected shutdown is disruption and I’m 100% sure that I, and everyone else, do not consent to having GShade shut down my computer because it was tampered with) and if I had seen this when I did analysis, I 100% would have flagged this binary as malicious.