Woe,, harpy Ezio be upon you

I usually set supernatural-folk au stuff in modern day, but I’m struggling with redesigning and adjusting his modern wear, so for this one it’s more canon typical

Some fun facts for this design:

  • Ezio is directly inspired by the Bonelli’s Eagle
  • The ‘ear’ feathers are just that— feathers. They can move and spread out or whatever in accordance to expressing emotion and displaying, but his actual ears are just ear-holes (don’t go looking for them it’s weird)
  • The ‘skin’ attaching the upper and bottom jaw is a length of muscle that can increase the action and range of his jaw. I wanted to include it because it looks cool this muscle attachment and arrangement is also found in dinosaurs and birds
  • Feathers fluff and flare out in aggravation and defense— also helps with communicating emotion
  • All his hair (including the beard) is meant to resemble feathers or be feathers if you look under a microscope so I hope that communicates somewhat