hello tumblr users! do you hate .webp files? well do i have bad news for you!

google, the company responsible for webp, is now trying to inflict a new incompatible image format on the collective users of the internet. they have dropped support in chrome for the most promising new image format, a backwards-compatible updated version of jpeg, known as jpeg xl.

instead, they are trying to push their own worse format, avif, on everybody. the reason they prefer avif is because it is based on their previous video format, av1, and this would make it slightly cheaper for them to create scrolling previews on youtube videos.

if you don’t want google to make your web experience worse, again, you can comment on their decision on this chromium bug, as long as you have a google account.

Also PLEASE INSTALL FIREFOX FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP USING CHROME OR ITS DERIVATIVES (basically* any browser that isn’t Firefox or Safari is gonna be a chromium fork)

There’s a great add-on for Firefox that circumvents webp formats!