Knowing too much AU

It starts out so innocent and simple. Tim is spending a relaxing day with his friends, when Kon starts complaining about Tim sneaking up on him again. “Not a meta my ass! I swear, you Bats have this super creepy ability to make NO SOUND. I have super-hearing. I can hear a damn pin drop a mile away. Yet once again, I nearly shit myself this morning when I saw you in the kitchen!”

Tim just rolls his eyes. “The reason you don’t hear me Kon is because you’re distracted. I just learned how to take advantage of that.”   

But Kon crosses his arms and vehemently shakes his head. “Tim, I hear a lot of shit. Stuff, I really, really don’t want to hear. You though? No footsteps, no breathing and your heartbeat? I gotta actually listen for that! I swear it’s like living with a ghost!”

The gang laugh it off after awhile but the conversation stays with Tim. While Kon tended to exaggerate, what he said was kinda true. Tim is 100% sure he’s not a meta and he doesn’t feel any different then usual, but he can keep an eye out on the rest of the bat-family, right?

What he sees changes everything. Dick is too fast, too flexible, his body twisting in ways no human should. Jason accuracy is beyond that of a machine, and his ability to recover from injuries is too fast. Cassandra’s eyesight is incredible, Barbra’s memory is vast, and Alfred isn’t aging. Damian and Stephanie seem to be the least affected but there are signs that is changing.

Whatever is changing them, it’s influencing Bruce the most, and Tim is determined to figure out what the hell is going. But some things shouldn’t be known, and Tim finds himself delving into the world of the Eldritch, and that has consequences.

IN short, Tim finds out the bat-family are becoming less human because an ancient eldritch being is


with them, and Tim finding this out through his poking around accidently progresses the change happening to him even faster.

So now Tim’s a half eldritch being who has to make sure the world’s greatest detective doesn’t find this out, because the same thing that happened to Tim could happen to Bruce.

Small tiddbits =Fear gas reveals Tim’s true form. Tim’s form is the embodiment of hope for Gotham. Looks like a manta-ray cause, I guess, manta rays are pretty smart? Can eat magic and fear.