So we’re all just ignoring Tumblr Live right? Like not make eye contact and hold very still until it goes away?

That’s what I’m doing!

Yet y’all paid for the checkmarks?? I’m confused here, do we hate tumblr’s money-grabbing or not?

It’s not about “hating Tumblr’s money-grabbing”, it’s about having an opinion on how Tumblr makes money. They have to make money in order to survive, there is infrastructure to pay for in the form of servers and the support for those, and there is staff that deserves to be paid for doing the work to keep the site running and they deserve things like health insurance too. All of that costs money, and Tumblr has not been making enough of it to meet those needs.

So I accept the reality that they need to have income, but I want it on the user’s terms. The checkmarks are a silly joke making fun of Twitter that lets users decide to “opt in” and give Tumblr money. It’s clear from the beginning what we get for that money and what Tumblr gets from the transaction, same with paying to put crabs on your dash for a day. It’s a fun, very Tumblr-like thing that gives me a way to choose to support Tumblr without significantly changing my or others user experience and without losing any of what I enjoy about Tumblr.

Tumblr Live is not that. It is a new feature that no one asked for and which is clearly trying to grab some of the popularity of TikTok. I don’t judge anyone for enjoying TikTok, but it’s not my kind of thing, and it’s not what I come to Tumblr for. Video is a very popular format with advertisers, so I am guessing that’s part of why it was implemented. It concerns me that this may be the beginning of Tumblr shifting towards catering to advertisers rather than its users, and that shift would destroy the uniqueness of Tumblr and make it just like every other shitty social media site that’s all about harvesting and selling users’ data.

So yes, I paid for the checkmarks because it’s funny, I wanted to, and it doesn’t change my user experience. And yes, I hate Tumblr Live because it’s opt-out and indicates a potential shift in the focus of Tumblr, which I don’t want.


I want tumblr to pull some AO3 shit and just, tell us how much it’ll take to keep it running for the year. We can do that, shoe laces, and check marks, and crabs and all on top we can just fund raise every year? Like I’m down with that?

We’re heathens but like, therapy is pricey yeah? So send us the bill

We’re heathens but like,

therapy is pricey yeah?

So send us the bill

Beep boop! I look for accidental haiku posts. Sometimes I mess up.