If I go into one more restaurant and see a qr code menu I’m gonna puke like sorry but nope! No! That’s not easier! Menus are already reusuable just give me one! Easy five second interaction. What if my phone is bad at qr codes? What if I’m on a low battery? Paper, paper, paper. A hard copy. Physical objects lets get this bread. Ordering through the app when you’re sitting at the restaurant is even worse!!! The boomers are right about this one.

With a QR code you gotta:

  1. scan the QR code
  2. load the website (god help you if your reception is bad and you don’t know the wifi password)
  3. find the menu on the website

Then you can read the menu and order.

This is objectively worse than looking at a paper menu that has a readable area >10x the size of a phone.

I should know, i stare at my phone all day.