My D&D group ran a holiday-themed one-shot tonight, and as a result it was new character time! Being “stuck” at level four gave me the opportunity to try multiclassing for the first time (something I’ve been hesitant to do for a variety of reasons, the primary one being “it’s complicated” lmao). This is Zargrun, a level 2 rogue/level 2 barbarian bugbear who worked out beautifully for what I wanted her to do, which was “always have something useful to do with your bonus action because only having one thing to do per turn sucks (and it extra sucks when it’s the exact same thing every turn) and nobody gets Extra Attack until level five.”  She could rage (which she did in our first and fourth fights), she could Cunning Action (which she did in our second and fourth fights), and she could swipe at things with her offhand (which she did in all four fights).

Three fifths of the party was actually Christmas-themed (two of them were casters with Santa Claus as a patron/deity and one was a Warforged nutcracker) but Duf kept me company in the “not actually holiday-themed” camp so that was fine, lmao.

After the session I also went to see if I could make her a mini, in case I ever get the chance to play her again (though I don’t know if I’d enjoy her build at any other level, heh) which was the first time I’ve played with heroforge’s painting feature. I actually got her pretty close, though none of HF’s cloaks quite fit what I envisioned for her (or clipped too much for me to like) so she’s dressed a little lighter than I imagined, heh.