introducing camazotz the bastard demon bat who drains life force to turn creatures undead and doesn’t really care what objections u have about it. get ghouled idiot i hope u like not having a pulse. it literally doesn’t need lifeforce to feed it’s just an asshole


art @skeletonwick @fray

gargoyles in my universe are essentially elementals- they are formed usually by intersections of ley lines. this causes a surge in magic energy which if concentrated in a single spot can animate stone. nobody (in universe) knows why the resulting creature is always a large gargoyle, but there are at least 15 known in the race.

gargoyles are intelligent, though their compatibility with other societies varies. camazotz is more feral and doesn’t seem interested in playing nice, while lyn and vic live among mortals.

every aspect of magic has an opposite- death is merely the opposite of life in this context. camazotz was born from an intersection of two death ley lines, which is not a great combination! their being is basically supercharged with exactly the kind of thing living creatures should not be around.

because of this, its fairly trivial for zotz to let out some of the necrotic energy, overload a living creature, and convert them into undeath. it can control this process so its not like passive radiation but again, zotz isnt really interested in playing nice with others.

ive written about how undeath works in my oc universe somewhere in here but its probably long gone