PSA: If you have a Kia or an Elantra manufactured between 2011-2021 it is MAD easy for someone to jack your car right now

Shout out to the shiftless, miserable dickhead who stole my sister’s car a literal week before Christmas due to a security flaw that’s arisen out of Hyundai’s desire to manufacture cars as cheap as possible. If you have a Hyundai, specifically a Kia or an Elantra, that was manufactured between 2011-2021, your engine is missing a critical component to prevent car theft. All the person needs to do is break your back door window, pop open your lock cylinder and put any USB on two wires in there and they can start your car and drive off with it.

It’s become, and I feel like an insane person saying this, a TikTok trend to steal cars this way and has led to enough theft that Hyundai has a class-action lawsuit about how they cheaped out on a $25 part and now everyone’s cars are getting jacked.

Once again, thank you to the pitiful fuck who stole my sister’s entire car seven days before Christmas. You will not see heaven and the devil will refuse you entry