Some art of Thunder, a character of mine over in the RP/ARPG group I run.  She’s a manmade dragon-centaur who currently stands at about 18′/5.5m at the shoulder 🙂

Don’t let her size get you worried, though, she’s actually a bit of a goof and will flex at strangers.


First image is about the most accurate thing I’ve got for her body type – she’s extremely buff and I love her.  Second image is a quick sketch for a winter clothing getup (the ties/harnesses have small heat runes on them to help keep her warm, since spiky scales make clothing on the dragon body impractical).

And the third image is a base edit (the initial base was by myself as well) for her current reference.  It looks a little clunky so I’d like to redo it in the future with proper custom art.