the thing about AI art is there’s a whole- wait. did you guys hear that

oh shit heimdall just sounded the gjallarhorn to signal the arrival of naglfari

an interesting part of migrating to tumblr and learning its culture is figuring out by clues how bloggers announce that they don’t give a fuck about whatever issue of the week is happening and don’t want to get wrapped up in the discourse. If that’s indeed what this means idk

that’s very close, it mostly signals that the awareness of the discourse has reached critical mass on people’s dashboards and folks are parodying the most common popular posts. Kind of like a clown routine making fun of other clowns when they’re not looking, except everyone can see it and hits reblog anyways. There’s a whole category of post that makes fun of the discourse of pet ownership that’s like “lumberjack is an invasive species in hardware stores.” Self aware humor is the vibe. Don’t worry it’s easy, just use form without the original context like

“learning about tumblr culture like” *spins roulette wheel* “running outside and touching grass all the time”

“actually that’s not quite true because” *spins roulette wheel* “most tumblr users don’t know what outside is nevermind how to touch things”

it’s also a subtle jab at the original conversation being really dumb. It’s not about not commenting or participating, it’s PVP. You’ve just entered an attack zone, anyone can jump in on this conversation and own you or me or both of us at any time. It’s great.

what are y’all talking about can we Please focus on the fact that the sons of Muspel literally just destroyed the Bifröst