Inactive Twitter accounts will be deleted


So like I understand the need to free up usernames that were taken and then never used again, but what about accounts of people who died ?

Its unclear if the criteria for an inactive account’s deletion is both “No log in for years AND zero tweets made by the account as a whole,aka empty accounts”

It could very well be “No login for years and zero tweets made during this inactivity”

Which would sucks cuz theres a lot of cool stuff made from accounts who are inactive, and again, all that some families have left from their deceased loved ones is an inactive twitter account.

Back in 2019,this concern was brought up, and Twitter said they wouldnt delete accounts to free up names without making it possible to memorialize accounts of a deceased person first.

Now, Under Elon, i dont know if it will be made.

So if you know an inactive account you really loved.. make sure to save its tweets into the wayback machine, take screenshots, etc.

Just in case.

Also they dont even specify how many years. We’re left in total darkness regarding questions we have.

Also im encouraging you to please REBLOG as to further warn people.