oh sure!! Zhora is a high demon that feeds of ambition, will power, desire, and he can also manipulate people’s will power to do what he wants them to do. Generally thought of as a very dangerous one, very high on hunter’s lists, but he hides among mortal people extremely well (he doesn’t have any demon/monstery parts he can’t hide, like other high demons)

He’s part of several minor courts in his country, for different lords and dukes, and he is a part of the nobility himself to better get closer to these sorts of people. His favorite thing to feed off of is exactly this crowd– powerful old men that have a lot of ambition and drive. He eats at their energy for years, living with them either as a lover, a “mistress” or a husband, whatever is easier for him to obtain, and once their energy is drained they become husks or, more likely die. He does this every other generation so he isn’t looked at too closely, so he spends decades not eating anything at all to keep up appearances.

his personal life is where it gets a bit messy… he’s hopelessly in love, one sided and – as of now still unrequited LOL with one of the ancient powers of my/my friend’s rp setting. Which, what that guy is, is really complicated and prolly would make a whole post itself kdjhf. But he’s mostly kept as another object (or at least that’s how he sees it) by this one, and does quite a lot to get his attention to very little success :,) he’s a pretty tragic character in this way. He really just wants someone to look at him with affection and love, but doesn’t really get that in the way he would want.

BUT UHHH THATS ABOUT THE SHORT OF IT!!! heres an old pic of him i still like