Actively hate the discourse against 24/7 places like I get where you’re coming from but in my ideal world a lot of shit would be 24/7 just with more shifts and better pay because plenty of people prefer to work nights or have to be out at weird hours to get basic necessities for one reason or another and acting like necessary services keeping to almost a 9-5 operating hours and having multiple days closed ignores people sometimes do need things immediately and it’s not all some lazy selfish desire and isn’t inherently harmful to the employees

I spent 13 hours in the ER yesterday with a myasthenia gravis flare, and was famished when I finally got to go home at 2 AM. The 24 hour McDonald’s across the street from the hospital was an absolute godsend. Blessings and mercy and a pay raise for all the shift workers both in and outside the hospital.

As a person with delayed sleep phase disorder the idea of an 8-5 world is pure hell to me.  Not only do I have to work those shitty hours, I have to do my personal business too?

Shift work doesn’t have to be hell.  Let everything be 24/7 just let people who prefer to work nights be the ones to do it.