Idea: interspecies TF but it doesn’t go like a werewolf movie, over in seconds or minutes, but like HRT.

Every morning you look in the mirror, pulling your mouth open to get a better look at your canines. Is it just you or are they a little bigger?

You turn your head sideways, seeing how much your face is stretching into a snout. You occasionally catch yourself looking at your hands, seeing how the skin on your palm is hardening into pawpads, how the tips of your fingers are stretching, your nails coalescing into claw tips.

You spend a while looking online at r/TFtimelines/, looking at other furries with a mix of envy and lust. God, you hope someday you can look a tenth as monstrous as them. You look up doctors in your area to see their ratings for bottom surgery (which is getting a tail), and wonder if your insurance will cover it.

It’s not all physical changes, of course. You’re noticing how your emotional state is shifting. You’re staring at spreadsheets at work, in need of another coffee, and you have that thought again of just running into the woods. Your clothes seem tight and restrictive on you, and you know it had nothing to do with the fact you’ve gained 5 inches in height over the last year. It’s more to do with feeling you shouldn’t need to wear this business formal nonsense, you should be covered in fur and hanging out in the lonely woods, not in a crowded office moving numbers around for your boss.

Ugh, your fucking boss. It’s getting harder to not listen to him talk without inadvertently thinking about what it’d feel like to rip his throat open with your teeth, and leave him as a warning for the others not to mess with the wolf…

Not that you’d ever do such a thing, of course… But those pills you’re taking every morning have been waking up millions of years of instinct that are saying “this supposed leader is weak and ineffectual and doesn’t deserve your loyalty. Kill him. Take his place, or his poor leadership will get you all killed when the winter comes.”

You sigh, and keep typing on the keyboard. One day you’ll come out to these anthrotypicals. You’ll be recognized for the mighty wolf you are, and they’ll stop treating you as just another human.

You make a note to email HR about that “I’m a human” CAPTCHA they put on the company’s website. They don’t know, of course, but they should be more considerate. Not everyone wearing a pantsuit and operating a boring Dell computer is a human, after all.

You glance at the clock and think about getting dinner once this slog is over. You’d been a vegetarian before starting your transition, but there’s a new steakhouse that’s opened up on your walk home, and every time you walk past it, you keep thinking about biting into a nice steak… Rare, of course. It’s probably just the smell. You can smell so much better now, and from what you’ve heard from others, it’s only going to get better.

Well, better is relative. You’ve learned the downside of having a better sense of smell. It’s sometimes unbearable walking to work on Wednesday, when everyone has their bins out. So much rotting food and spoiled milk and bacteria festering in all those cans waiting for the trash trucks.

It gets better once you’re in the office. The AC kills a lot of the smell. But now you can tell exactly how many days it has been since your coworkers have showered, and you’ll never look at Simon from accounting the same way again.

And it was a bit of a faux pas (or should that be a faux paw, ha!) when you congratulated Cindy on the baby she was expecting… She hadn’t told you yet. She hadn’t told anyone yet, other than her spouse, but you forgot that it wasn’t as obvious to everyone else.

You don’t know how that can be overlooked (oversmelled?). The hormones are all different. Was there really a time in your life when you couldn’t smell this? Huh. You can’t remember anymore. This is your new normal. You’ve come farther than you think. You should have taken more pictures at the start, so you could compare them to now, but it was so hard to look at yourself then. You looked so… Human. Ugh.

It’s getting easier to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. Your fur is coming in. Your body is changing in so many ways. You’re finally starting to look like you.

is this the same foone that posts about computers on twitter

Used to be! I’m not anymore.