Vulcan AITA but it’s Am I Being Illogical

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AIBI for choosing my husband’s human boss as my champion?

My (29F) husband (29M) is from a well-known and eccentric family, and has only made himself more notorious with an unconventional career and an unnecessarily emotional falling-out with his father. The aforementioned unconventional career keeps him away from Vulcan. In his absence, I have found a mate I prefer.

At koon-ut-kal-if-fee, I had planned to choose kal-if-fee and make my preferred mate my champion. However, my husband unexpectedly arrived with humans, one of whom is his superior, apparently a friend, and appears physically fit. Setting aside the impropriety of bringing outsiders to koon-ut-kal-if-fee, this human seemed more interested in my husband’s family connections than any prurient interest in the pon farr itself. I realized that I could choose him as my champion instead, and not risk my preferred mate’s life. If the human wins, he will be very unlikely to wish for a Vulcan bride, and would release me; if my husband wins, he may also release me for challenging, and even if he does not, he will still be as absent as before, and I will have my chosen mate at my si

Update: Please excuse the abrupt cutoff. My ex-husband just killed his human superior, and has indeed released me and returned to his post, I believe to seek formal disciplinary action.

i-chaya-2230 • Stardate 3372.7
NBI. Your logic is sound. You are, however, the asshole.
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