Swooping just in time for the Dragonflight release, here is my dracthyr base!


This base is fully customizable and comes with multiple markings and gradients to get your creative juices flowing.

Head, horns, ears, spikes, tail, and each wing are all seperate so these features are easy to change and modify.

Lineart is clean and closed up, making it easy to color and fill in with minimal selecting or cleanup.

Download comes with a Photoshop .PSD and a Clip Studio Paint .CLIP file.

What’s included is just the beginning! Add your own markings, custom horns, a tail barb, etc.! If you would like to see these options added to the “official” base, please let me know! If this base does well and I get a lot of good feedback, I am happy to expand on it.

Base is allowed to be used for personal or small business only, aka making adoptable designs. Lineart, colors, markings, etc. can all be edited to whatever you want, but please refrain from using it to create racist, homophobic, transphobic, or other offensive imagery.

Price is $15 and you can find it on my Kofi shop right here!