A sleek, wiry black dracthyr with long, narrow wings, a long neck, a narrow head, a whip-like tail, and gangly limbs. A round, blue eye stares blankly out. She wears black armor with diamond markings on her crown, her chest plate, her pauldrons, her vambraces, and her leg plates. On her hands and feet are metal extensions to her claws. At the end of her tail is a blade. She holds two daggers, and looks as though as she is about to swoop around to slash an opponent with them.ALT
A dragon-woman dressed in black, metal armor and dark leathers. Her sleek, black hair is loosely tied in a long ponytail. Her face is heart-shaped and adorned with black scales. Behind her ears are four narrow, black horns. Her eyes are narrow, with one covered partially by her hair and a blue monocle. Based on her stern and skeptical expression, this woman seems to be judging something - or someone.ALT

I don’t think I’ll ever finish the clawed gauntlets Dracthyr June supposed to have, so I’m just gonna set her free into the wilds without them ✨

Anyways, this was a fun thought experiment for me. Dracthyr are supposed to be scientific experiments and I was like “Huh, June is a cyborg experiment, so why not?” Plus I love dragons.

A drawing of a dracthyr as a young, elven woman with a thick, black braid, piercing gaze, and red scales on her cheeks and highlights in her hair.ALT

Actually, June can be a red dragon-