HOOO boy I’ve had a nasty cold for about a week now, but I’m finally starting to get better! Sketched these out while looking at some references, wanted to see what Naga Steve would look like in a more realistic style.

-Another tidbit about this AU. After becoming good friends with Steve, Eddie decides to get the back his hands and fingers tattooed with tiny black scales. They’re some of the most painful tattoos he’s ever gotten, but he’s damn proud of them when they’re done.

-He surprises Steve with them a few days later while they’re lounging on the porch, soaking in the last few hours of sunlight. He takes off his gloves and splays his hands out before a stunned Steve and says “Hope you don’t mind me stealing your look.”

-Steve is too flabbergasted to say anything at first. He just grabs Eddie’s hands and studies the tiny delectate ink work. “But…why?” Steve can’t help but ask. He can’t comprehended why anyone would want to look like him, and yet here was Eddie doing just that.

-Eddie’s smile softens at Steve’s visible confusion. “I just told ya, I think you’re look is cool. Do you like them?” He asks, wiggling his fingers

-And to Steve’s surprise he answers “Yeah…actually. I do.”