For those of you watching the death spiral of Twitter in real time THIS IS WHY us fandom olds always defend AO3 and it’s donation drives.

Twitter is an incalculable loss for artistic expression, news, and so many other facets I can’t even begin to count.

This sort of loss of information is impossible with AO3 and how it’s set-up. Obviously an AO3 style model isn’t sustainable for every site bc the moment images get involved the server costs skyrocket exponentially, but now more than ever the theory applies.

AO3 is an archive of our own, donators have direct say via vote about what happens to the site, you help shape it.

As long as AO3 has donation drives and doesn’t rely on advertisers it will remain around as a foremost place of art and freedom of expression. What happened to Twitter can’t happen to AO3 as it currently exists. And that is why we fight tooth and nail to protect AO3 from corporate interests and out of touch billionaires like Musk.

I hate that Twitter is dying and that anyone has to experience it, but please learn from this experience!