My GOD the twitter drama is exploding. As of today, here are a couple updates for anyone interested:

  • The “insulin is free” tweet from the fake-verified Eli Lilly account tanked the company’s stock, along with the stocks for two other major BioTech firms, by up to 4%
  • The “we’re suspending arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the United States, et al” tweet from a fake-verified Lockheed Martin account tanked Lockheed’s stock today
  • Since 8:00AM this morning there has been a tweet claiming Elon Musk was starting a program called “Elon’s Tots” wherein he would pay off people’s student loans
  • Numerous politicians and pundits have been targeted by trolls leveraging verified accounts to fuck with their public images, and many of them aren’t being addressed nearly as fast as the fake-verified Elon Musk accounts
  • Twitter is allegedly worth ¼ of what Elon bought it for
  • Tesla’s stock has allegedly fallen by 50%
  • Elon has said Twitter may have to declare bankrupty


fuckin hell

tank more stocks PLEASE before it dies

at this point we may have to break out the lettuce again

I would like to point out Tesla didn’t fall 50% in the past weeks that’s compared to last year. Tesla “only” fell 11% last month and right now it’s actually up compared to yesterday.


BTW I already have the Lettuce going. It’s been sitting in my garage since the 4th, I think? There’s a webcam.