idk how to explain to y’all that server hosting is not cheap. This is the one of the cheapest hosting providers I could find and the bill is this:


The actual space? looks like this, you could PROBABLY fit a desktop PC in there standing up if it wasn’t too big. Two if you put them next to each other.

Three if you were lucky they were small.


At work we had a much larger (but not big) space, each one of these cabinets is 4.2x the space (42u if you’re observant, see the invoice) of the previous picture:


This is 30,000 per month.

That’s the cost to RENT the space, you don’t get computers to put in there, nor  can you connect to most of the internet with that (tho the price includes four connections out to the meet me room in the building, you’re on your own after that.) That is all extra.

I doubt you could run tumblr in this.

I don’t wanna be specific but the monthly bill is a six figure value more than my yearly wage, by whole number multiples, and that’s MULTIPLE sites, and i’d bet its WAY less than what i’d be a site like tumblr needs

Tumblr isn’t an indie company but i don’t think y’all understand how hosting is expensive

Because of this post i realized that fucked up the labels:


Thanks! I hate it!