honestly if ur a new user from twitter. u don’t HAVE to have a whole blog set up immediately for people to not block you. like just change ur icon to a cartoon character or something and make a post that says like. “hey i’m new i’m just lurking here for a bit to get my bearings before i start posting/reblogging” and ur fine just like, make it clear you’re not a bot yk

though i do reccomend starting to reblog things eventually, it’s a good way to keep all the stuff you like saved in one place so you can look back on it later, especially if you tag stuff. while the search function isn’t perfect, tagging stuff you post/reblog makes it easier to find. a bit more organised than the bookmark feature on twitter at least :p

Reblogging is literally tumblr’s lifeblood so pleaseee dont just spam like everything and leave it at that