A good question that I want to elaborate!

Stage 1: Disgust

Being originally a desert dwelling nomad, he was never a pure vegetarian due to the harsh environment, but cannibalism is definitely a taboo for him too (so eating horses or people are both not things he would consider under normal circumstances).

Stage 2: Anger

It did actually pull quite a number on him. He likes human children, finding them more trustworthy than their grown up counterparts. In his culture, offspring is also considered extremely precious (again, desert life being kind of harsh in general), so selling off your own or using someone else’s as ingredients is incomprehensible to him. So of course he killed all the hags and trampled their bodies (with help, it wasn’t the easiest battle).

Stage 3: Become overprotective of all the children you find

Because CLEARLY Barovians are incapable to take proper care of them!

Stage ?: Seriously, why do Barovians try so hard to murder children??
Or, the one time Patataj rolled a Nat20 in Athletics to jump from on boat to another to stop a dude from drowning the little Vistani girl. Having a centaur jump at you must be quite a sight. But also why would you drown a girl, seriously?