NagaSteve! Again!

-Whenever Steve encounters something new, or something interesting, his tongue will slip out and flicker. Eddie thinks it’s adorable, especially when Steve doesn’t notice the new habit. Incidentally Steve is actually really good at tracking people by ‘tasting’ their scent with his tongue and following their pheromones.

-Hopper’s egg and cheese sandwiches quickly become Steve’s favorite meal. Steve refuses to eat his eggs raw, even though they taste really, really good to him now. It just embarrassing and gross, but if he does cave and eat one, he does it at night very sneakily.

-Ever since he transformed, Steve has been having very fucked up nightmares. He’s been trying to suppress his feelings about the whole “thing” but at night he can’t. His dreams are so intense he wakes up sobbing and shaking as his body is desperately trying to release some of the stress that’s been building inside him. 

-When angry, Steve can and will hiss.