This is the third victim we’ve found this week. We gotta find this killer.

That’s why I’m here. Todd Phillips, NYPD. I’ll be taking this case off your hands.

And I’ll be taking this case off of YOUR hands. Phil Miller, NCIS. So, what kinda case we got here?

One that I’m about to solve. Antonie Leeuwenhoek, FBI. Really looks like this killer went at it, huh?

So we’re gonna have to go at it even harder to find this maniac. Michael Jordan, CIA. I can’t wait to find this lunatic.

That’s why we’re not waiting at all. Cornelius Cob, TSA. This kinda behavior isn’t gonna fly with me.

That’s why I’m here to get this guy grounded. Flart McGarken, PhD. God, this makes me sick.

Tell me about it. Dingus McFlingus, TGIF. We got any leads on this guy yet?

Only the ones I’m here to find. Dolly Parton, LMNOP. So, are we all just gonna stand here or what?

I’ll go with “or what”. Splart Flanders, STDPB&J. So, what do we know?

Only what I’m about to tell you. Dennis Raider, BTK. I killed those people.

Just like how we’re about t- wait, hold up, you did what?