i know unicorns are usually silver or lavender with those skinny horse legs built for running but id like to see more unicorns with natural colouration built like tanks like these beasts

a powerful looking grey draft horse. the hair on its legs are black and slightly cover its hoovesALT
a black and white horse. it has a strong stance. the hair on its legs are white and completely cover its hooves ALT

we need like a scale of unicorn. on one end you have amalthea last unicorn who is the peak of elegant otherworldly unicorns with silver and lavender colours. we need the opposite of that. we need a unicorn who looks like the horse version of a trucker

two drawings of unicorns. one is pink with wavy hair. the other is grey with short hair and is smoking a cigarette for some reason. the is an arrow above them to indicate the aforementioned scale of unicorn ALT

like this


I cannot express to you how heavily I endorse this.