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If you’re buying Apple shit in the 2020s you totally deserve the ripoff that you get

The fucking option that includes an Ethernet port just puts it on the external power supply, like it’s a fucking MacBook.

People keep saying that this is how computer adaptability works and comparing it to the decrease in the lack of CD-ROM drives and Floppy Disk readers.

But this is completely different! And do you want to know why? Because, previous changes were consumer led. They came AFTER the technology had run its course, had viable alternatives, and didn’t force a majority of customers to adapt for profit. Also, Apple is lying. This isn’t innovation, it’s a purposeful manipulation of the market that makes physical ownership of content more difficult.

The Floppy Disk wasn’t just abandoned. It was replaced by CD-ROM in the 90s as a more portable & less expensive alternative. And even then, CDs had existed for more than a decade before computer manufacturers made the permanent switch in 2003. And despite the switch, the production of the floppy disks themselves continued until 2011. By the time floppy disks truly faded from production, most ppl didn’t even own one. And when CD-ROM became “obsolete,” they weren’t ripped from the market and even today it’s fairly easy to find readers that are cheap and/or included with desktops or laptops.

But here’s the thing? CD’s aren’t obsolete. Neither are DVDs, USB, and Ethernet and SDs. Not really. What is there to replace them? You could say cloud, streaming, etc. But those aren’t actually replacements, they are just different forms of consuming materials. And a majority of consumers will be inconvenienced without those things. Like how would you even connect a wired mechanical keyboard? That’s not adaptation, it’s inconveniencing consumers until they get used to it.

But it’s more than inconvenience. What all of these exclusions do is get rid of physical data. It slowly ostracizes consumers from the very concept of physical data and that is incredibly dangerous. All softwares, ad-ons, recordings, and medias being relegated to downloadable accessibility makes these things harder to pirate or share. It also encourages monopolies as it makes smaller, independent production and sharing much more difficult. It also makes the distribution of softwares tied to research & employment more easily controlled by corporations rather than people. And most of all, it takes away consumer control of the things that they use.

Like even PlayStation did this with the PS5? Do you really think not having a physical drive is an innovation? With physical games you can reuse, share, and save. I can play Spider-Man, give to my cousin, and then let any friend borrow it. And unless I bought the physical game online, neither google or Amazon can add that to their algorithmic perception of me. But without that…you have content strictly defined on individual basis and algorithms.

It’s just that all of the growing exclusions aren’t adapting. They are willful manipulations for the sake of changing how large scale consumers ingage with technology and the internet.

The headphone jack was not obsolete. It was purposefully left out to sway the market towards $100 Bluetooth. Physical gaming disk drives aren’t growing obsolete. They are being purposefully phased out so that the consumer begins to rely on individual downloads and algorithm rather than sharing and saving. And USB/Ethernet/SD/HDMI are not obsolete either. They are just being ignored so as to get consumers to change their perception of tech and accessibility. As if having a computer that’s only compatible with apple tech that’s less than 5 years old is reasonable. As if any use of physical content is a paid luxury rather than the standard

No wired internet makes it practically useless for video conferencing, online gaming, and half a dozen other things. This is just a cheap hunk of plastic that you could probably snap in half with your hands, but they put a sticker on it that looks like a fruit so now they can sell it for $1700. Give me a fucking break

Guys this took like 10 seconds of work to prove wrong, it’s got USB:

It’s just got the 5 year old USB C standard instead of the 24 year old USB A standard.

And BECAUSE of that, it runs HDMI and DisplayPort through the USB C connector. You’ll need an adapter cable that does USB-C -> HDMI but monitors are also doing direct displayport over USB C now.

I’m not the BIGGEST fan of USB C because the socket can get loose and that’s not replaceable but it’s a step up over the “rotate it three times to put it in” USB A.

Edit: It’s 26 years old