tbh i kinda hate the “lol tumblr users are old and thats why we’re in pain” jokes

like. no. you arent old, youre fucking 30, and if youre in constant pain there is something wrong and you may be able to actually DO something about it if you acknowledge it!!!!

like yeah the only medical care a lot of people have access to is worse than useless but instead of pretending its fine and normal we could be sharing resources and figuring shit out!!!

this is super important

I’m a lot older than 30, and my history includes motorcycle accidents, getting shot, tearing tendons, breaking bones, dislocating a shoulder, etc

yet I only feel pain when I do things that I can easily avoid, neglect to do mobility work after hard physical activity, use bad ergonomics, or just do something stupid

if you’re relatively young and feeling pain unrelated to a physical injury, talk to someone who’s an expert in physiology or physical therapy

if you have good health insurance, get thee to a doctor or a physical therapist who can diagnose what’s going on and put you on a treatment or maintenance program

living with unnecessary pain can lead to or mask chronic illness

pain is a warning sign – understand what you’re being warned about