Hey it’s Naga Steve!

Although he doesn’t say it aloud, Steve is very self conscious about how he looks. He’s often seen wearing long sleeved shirts and hides the majority of his body beneath blankets and pillows. He barely feels human anymore and before he realizes it, becomes extremely depressed and withdrawn.

He spends most of his days outside the cabin, either napping or staring idly at the woods around him to pass the time. Nothing changes until a few days later when he wakes up feeling absolutely miserable.

Every part of his body itches, his vision is cloudy, and he felt extremely agitated. After scratching his shoulder, he finds a clump of dead skin coating his fingers and realizes he’s shedding.

He tries to hide his predicament with baggy clothes and sunglasses but Robin is quickly able to see through his dumb disguise and notices how miserable he looks. She knows he’s in more pain then he’s letting on, so she stubbornly corners him until he tells her what’s wrong.

Steve knows he’s being ridiculous, but he can’t help but hesitate for a moment before he takes off his shirt and glasses, showing off the clouded scales on his body. He’s surprised when Robin doesn’t gag or recoil, but instead reaches out and gently grabs his arm to examine his dry skin.

After telling him he’s an idiot for not asking for her help sooner, Robin gets up and goes to the kitchen. She comes back with a bowl of water and a large, fluffy towel and tells him to lay down. Steve complies and Robin dips the towel in water before rubbing it softly on his back, peeling the dead skin off without hurting him

She ends up staying at the cabin with him for the rest of the week, helping him get through his shed. They watch bad movies and play board games, laughing and talking the entire time, and for a moment, Steve feels normal again.