anyway q*eer is a slur and privileged liberals made everyone believe its OK to call everyone that cause they watched a Ted talk in 2017. and if you don’t know why at this point that’s a you problem. look it up. or better yet, go the fuck out and talk to a LGBT person older than 30. unacceptable.

Hi, I’m a queer person over 30. Queer was fully reclaimed before I even hit puberty. Most non-radfem folks in the community will tell you the exact same thing. Making queer back into a slur is a radfem psyop and completely ahistorical.

Litterally every older queer i know is fine with the word or at least has no issue with it being used just not aimed at them. The only people I ever met complaining are kids and radfems

oh is that fucking so.

cause I live in Central Manchester. one of the gayest cities in the UK.

you know how many times I’ve been called a queer out of a moving car.

call me a q*eer and I’ll show you kids and radfems, fucking entitled shits, the lot of u

Being called queer out of a moving care does nothing to negate anything ive said, sorry ❤

if you think me being attacked by violent homophobes with a slur, which is a slur, used today as a slur, while perpetuating violence, doesn’t negate anything you said you genuinely are a fucked up person, needless to say stupid, and part of the problem I’m talking about. ty for being an example. now never speak to me again u disgusting waste of air.

Love when people who have probably never been abused with that word try to tell me, someone who had the word screamed at me for years by classmates who beat the fuck out of me and worse, that the word is harmless and cute. Love that despite the physical scars, self inflicted or otherwise, that I bear because of that word and the abuse I’ve suffered because of and by it are irrelevant to these people. Love that the people who bear the same scars I do because of that word are irrelevant to these people. Love that they exclusively ignore the decades and possibly centuries of abuse that’s tied to that word. Love that they ignore the tens of thousands, probably millions of gay people who still to this day live with being abused and called that word, some of whom have died either from the abuse or the depression caused by the abuse.

Yeah, no, I don’t love it. I fucking hate it. These people can choke on horse shit.

This is so insane. “The slur was reclaimed” by who??? For who??? And yall still get fucked up over white people saying the n word despite how ‘reclaimed’ that slur is. No one ever would have an issue with a black guy being like “hey I know you’re okay with this word but I carry a lot of trauma with this, so don’t say it around me” but as soon as a gay person doesn’t like being called a fucking degenerate weirdo, yall suddenly act like insults aren’t insults.

Holy shit the false equivalence here is amazing.

You don’t get to draw a comparison between oppressed people figuring out the boundaries of word usage between themselves to yt peoples fascination with using the n-word after y’all been told you can’t have it.