“hydra” naga boys :]

kind of a crash course + fun facts on their lore:

– all 4 of them developed as separate fetuses

– shortly before they were born (?) (i dont want to try to figure out how a naga would reproduce/have babies -_-) there was some kind of surge/fluctuation of raw, uncontrolled, wild magic, which caused them all to be conjoined like this.

– hence why they aren’t perfectly identical, they weren’t from the same cells that didn’t fully divide their bodies.

– although their spines all join together into one at a point the muscles are all over the place, more like each individual tail is all twisted around the others.

– they coordinate with each other surprisingly well, it took many years but they’re good at communicating with each other and subconsciously they’re pretty coordinated as well with movement, occasionally a couple of them will say the same thing at the same time, things like that

– would get into fights with each other as kids, sometimes they still do now but not nearly as often.