Adopt Info:


– Claim an adopt by comment or over DM!

-ONE ADOPT PER PERSON for the first 24 hours. If you have bought an adopt and there are still more available after the first day, you are welcome to purchase more of them if you wish (This rule is in place to offer a fair chance where possible)

-Please don’t pay until I approve. If payment isn’t sent within 24 hours, the adopt will be relisted

-I will send you a paypal invoice for payment.  

-Once you adopt a character, I’ll send you the full-size unwatermarked transparent png, you may do with it as you please. However, if you wish to post it on your page or somewhere else, please put a link to my dA page or my other social media somewhere in the description so that people will know who made it!

-You may edit the character however you like

-NO REFUNDS, If you no longer wish to keep a character that you adopt from me, you can give it away, or resell it for the equal amount or less than what you paid for it!

1. Banded Obsidian ($100) Bought in advance by: MothLarva on Patreon
2. Lightning Opal ($100) Bought by: dA user moose-on-ice
3. Oxidized Bronze ($100) Bought by:

twitter user tevruden

4. Mystic Topaz ($100) Bought by: —
5. Gold in Quartz ($100) Bought by: —
6. Malachite ($100) Bought by: —
7. Vanadinite ($100) Bought by: —
8. Spirit Amethyst ($100) Bought by: —
9. Diamond ($100) Bought by: —

(Check the deviantart post or the original link for this post to see which ones are still available!)