Snarky replies like this only reminds me that so many people don’t understand how the US government works.

Biden can’t make laws. He can only sign them. He can suggest and even champion them to Congress but he can’t say, “I am going to ban all guns as of today.” He doesn’t have the power. Congress can push for a law to do just that. Afterward, that paperwork goes to the Senate. If they like it, they okay it. Then it goes to Biden who signs it, making it a law. Then it’s up to the judicial branch to uphold it. 

That’s how it works. 

This is why for many things, your Congress person and Senator is more important than who sits in the Oval Office. Yes, the president can veto (that is political for “noping”) a law. When that happens it get thrown back to Congress where they rework it and send it back up the chain. But, again, there are very, VERY few things that a president can do without the approval of Congress and the Senate. 

It’s the balance of power. The president is not a king. 

You want gun laws? Vote for the right Congress people and Senators. And that means voting in the primaries for people who want these type of laws. They go on to run as the main candidate in the midterms and main elections. 

I can’t say this enough, YOU HAVE TO VOTE!

Small elections matter just as much as the big ones. Heck, check out your city/town council meetings. You would be shocked at how much of a say you have at them. You want to be listened to? Go to them. Speak up at them. For many of these council members, they were elected by the difference of a few votes. Seriously. We are talking single digit numbers. So, they count on every solitary vote. That means you, the voter, has a stronger voice with them than with say the president. So, if there is something local your want, you go to them rather than writing to the White House. And from there you can climb up the chain. 

It’s work. Make no mistake. But if you want results, this is what you do. It can be done. You just have to take that first step.