Dracula au where everything is the same but Jonathan has turned into a vampire and hasn’t realized it.

#honestly i have a current slightly-serious-but-not-really hc that jonathan WAS turned but just…never realizes.#hes frail and very pale and weak for months after escaping! later his hands get described as ice-cold! mina has a weird jonathon-sensor#when she gets turned and also gains a dracula-brain-link#oh! and how he like…goes from brown hair to developing gray hairs to going back to brown hair#i do not put it past this man to die and not even realize it lol#vampire!jon: wow! ive been feeling so bad but i just had this jucy rare steak and i dont look half dead anymore! it must be the food#wow it was hard to fall asleep in hungry 🙁 good thing im back on english soul where i call home and am now sleeping again!#daylight doesnt affect him bc he doesnt know he has powers to lose in the sun#hes polite so he already doesnt enter a place uninvited. who is he a brute?#all the iconography doesnt affect him bc thats all catholic things and hes protestant thank you very much