sometimes i get so angry about how the housing market bubble bursting led to the economy collapsing and literally never recovering for the middle class. like…basically wiped out the middle class entirely, if we’re being honest.

my bank just offered me a “high yield” savings account. high yield! just a fucking amazing APY! …the APY is 0.4%. zero. point. four.

in 2006, i worked in a call center for $17.60 an hour and had a savings account with a 9% APY. not 0.9%, a full fucking 9%. i’d only been with the call center for a year and a half, i was 24 years old, my credit was middling at best, and that savings account was brand fucking new with a bank i’d NEVER banked with.

high yield. 0.4%.

my field is in-home healthcare now, and i get paid $9.25 an hour.

the fucking rage i feel at what was taken away from my end of my generation (eldest millennial) and fully denied to everyone younger than us is unreal sometimes.

The checking account I use to fund commissions says so much, actually:


100x increase in the daily balance and a… 4x increase in interest earned.

Iā€™m gonna do some more digging. I think i can find the pre crash APY.

Found right at the crash: