Text: "A DESIRE PATH (desire line, cow path, bootleg trail) is a track created over time by human traffic in a place where there is no designated or constructed path." Image: a sidewalk blocked by a fence with a dirt path circumventing the obstacle.
Text: "They may represent shortcuts" Image: The intersection of two paved trails with a detour sign between. Grass is flattened from where pedestrians cut the corner.

Text: "or, conversely, detours" Image: A flattened grass path with a bend to avoid a small stand of flowers.
Text: "A desire path is, in a way, a consensus: physical evidence of thousands of footsteps before, called by the same urge to stray from established routes" Image: A chain link fence with yellow tape across a fallen segment. A dirt path leads straight through the broken section and off screen.
Text: "to follow the path of least resistance between an origin" Image: The dirt path cuts straight through a field with trees in the distance.
Text: "and a destination." Image: A close-up of the end of the dirt path, which terminates in a circle of mushrooms.

thinking about desire paths