I got a tumblr, it really was quite great

I blog about a lot of things, but mostly what I ate.

I thought it was a sweet gig, it really was quite cushy.

Then they went and banned me, ‘cause all I ate was pussy.

I signed up on tumblr, I didn’t know what to expect.

I thought I could just post and not worry about being fact checked

But once my posts went viral, no one saw my genius

Now all they do is reblog and say “kung pow penis.”

I’m a YA book author, I have a tumblr too

I post a lot of info, for my tumblypoos

But then one day my time was up, I read it on the clock

And now my most famous post is about how I love cock

i made a tumblr, and it didnt go great

whenever i make a post, all i get is hate

arguing with strangers, it really is a slog

i know all about politics, i run a hentai blog

One day I made a Tumblr, now I’ve been here ten years,

I’ve stayed through every update that left the userbase in tears,

And I don’t regret a second, for here’s the truth, you see:

I’m not locked in here with you, friend; you’re locked in here with me.

Locked in here with me!