I really hope this impacts the devices we’ll have access to in the US.

Every argument for embedded batteries is a facade for charging customers more for the most common phone repair. All other reasoning is dishonest.

Fuck yes please.

Even aside from the repairability, do you know how hard it is to make sure a device without a removable battery is actually off? And not just dark with all the sensors active?

Its funny, as a person with the technical ability to replace his phone batteries in the current situation… I understand *why* people want this but you’re not going to be replacing it.

Even with the things with replaceable batteries nowadays, the charge density is high enough now that I don’t carry spares with me because if they’re in something and they short, that’s a fire.

There’s a *reason* they slap those battery stickers on items that have lithium batteries in them and it’s not to make the boxes look pretty.