someone saying: "holy shit, that's a big fuckin' coyote!"

another person saying "quick! tag it before it wakes up!"

a werewolf is laying there slumped over with 4 tranq darts in her butt
someone asking a trans fem "oh, nice helix piercing! where'd you get it?"

she responds "good question!" she doesn't look quite sure of it herself.
trans fem protagonist stating "can't sleep with this damn thing in my ear."
she's at a tim hortons, "one large tea please"

the worker respondes with "okay!" from behind a counter and a big plastic shield
two animal researchers are standing outside
the masc one is saying "that huge coyote should be around here somewhere..."

the fem says "we're right on top of the tracker"

they both look confused

the protag is walking out the store behind them with her ear tag in display
the fem animal researcher asks protag "excuse me! have you seen a large coyote around here?"

protag responds with "can't say that i have..."

been drawing some werewolf stuff over twitter, here, have them all together as one big sequence. the bit where she’s complaining about it keeping her awake is about 2 weeks later.

for the record: the talk of coyotes is because there are no wolves here on my island. they are extinct and we imported coyotes to take their place (it did not work well)