This is cropped for a reason. It predates its Nazi-allied origin and has been used by refugee communities, and Diaspora groups since. It’s a common greeting in Ukraine, and even the official football phrase. Russia has attempted to discredit if before.

Today on “Important Context Was Left Out”…

The other posters are more or leads saying this, but it’s not been said directly, so I am going to say it.

The person who posted the cropped photo wasn’t just “leaving out context” they were, to put it simply, lying.

They were engaging in one of the most popular and prevalent forms of lies: the one where you give someone a true fact but leave out other facts in order to lead that person to a logical but incorrect conclusion.

In other words, the cropped photo was intentionally attempting to mislead you. There is no logical way you could take that page, and JUST SO HAPPEN to include that part and leave out the other parts that provide the full context that would lead to the true conclusion. You were only given certain information on purpose.

When people do this, they are lying, full stop, and they are trying to misinform you. When you notice people providing incomplete information like this, you should assume other information provided from them is likely to misinform you as well, because sources that mislead on one thing will tend to lie about others. In other words, sources that mislead like this are not credible and should be treated as such.