im tired of pretending that im not exhausted by how inhospitable online spaces are for people who expereince psychosis. im so goddamn tired and miserable and terrified to enter any online spaces/talk to ppl i don’t already have an near unbreakable trust in. which isn’t all that many so my social life is just stomped all over by the HOSTILITY towards psychotic ppl in most areas of ye internet. a subtle, but ever so fucking horrifying example of this is the commonness of memes and “jokey phrases” containing dereality or in the worse case, which is also the most common, deliberately paranoia inducing dereality going around without warning, near unavoidable by psychotic people. it is isolating. it makes so many spaces severely unsafe for psychotic ppl. and yet non-psychotics treat it like its no big deal at all. and its beyond frustrating.

we deserve a safe space too, like everyone else. i’m tired of our voices being ignored or our concerns shot down as “it’s not even that bad, its not a big deal, its just a joke”. it may be a joke to YOU, but to us it often has severe consequences even if you dont mean it or wasnt targeting us in specific.

[non psychotic people ENCOURAGED to rb, but don’t say anything stupid.]