I think the worst possible outcome of tumblr getting popular again would be twitter types registering complaints about being told to get devoured by swarms of ravenous bees over their lame opinions, and staff feeling an obligation to ban threats of violence or whatever.

In case this ever happens I want to wish anybody who would support that a very happy falling into an orchestra pit and being pulled apart like brisket on the relentless bows of a highly focused string section.

Excuse me, do you actually think it’s OKAY that people send each other death threats over which fictional character relationships they like, which media they consume, and the fact that some of us are aware of the difference between fantasy and reality, or are you dialing in from some universe where threats of violence on the internet don’t actually hurt anyone?

Someone: I don’t like how sanitized facebook twitter are in regards to what they consider “violent” speech, I don’t want that to happen to tumblr.

People who have no opinions outside of fictional ship discourse so they assume every opinion must be about fictional ship discourse: OH SO YOU’RE JUST DYING TO SEND DEATH THREATS TO TEENS OVER SHIPS HUH?