tumblr guide for new users:

1) there is no algorithm for your dashboard. can’t stress this enough. your dashboard is in chronological order of posts and reblogs from people you follow. “based on your likes!” is a joke and they removed that feature in a week

2) because of the lack of algorithm, likes do nothing. if you want more people to see a post, you have to reblog it so it goes on your follower’s dashes

3) the vast majority of posts on a person’s blog tend to be reblogs. think 90% or so. some of those will have that person commenting on it, and more will have tags

4) comments stay on reblog chains, while tags only show up on your reblog of that post. it’s kind of like a whisper voice. in either case, both op and the person you reblogged from see that in their notifications

5) tags don’t go in the body of the post. writing “staying in #lasvegas” won’t make it appear in the las vegas tag, it’ll just look weird

6) it’s totally normal to reblog and post multiple things in one day. it’s normal to reblog the same post twice in a row. it’s normal to have 100 posts+reblogs in a day. post limit (the total number of original posts and reblogs) for a single day is 250. you heard me. 250. go hog fucking wild

7) it defaults to having a visible likes tab on your blog (but only on your blog, not the dashboard) but most people toggle it off

8) “tumblr clout” is a fucking joke. no one can see your follower count, and no one makes money here. there are no influencers. enjoy not giving a shit about maintaining a public persona. it’s all anonymous and your employers won’t find you here