Good for this person. This is exactly what you do. Screw the job.

I had a job that made me work an all nighter, 30 hours straight, over Thanksgiving. I resigned that Monday and it was one of the most satisfying decisions I’ve ever made.

Part 3:

Please pay attention to all the manipulation tactics this boss uses, because they’re pulling out every trick in the book.

  • “I’m not your boss, I’m your friend”
  • “Other people will be hurt by this and it’s your fault and I’m going to tell them all that”
  • Mocking language
  • Jobs are important too
  • “Be a team player”
  • “We’re your family too”
  • Talking as if this is a thing you must do
  • “We all make sacrifices”
  • Undermining your authority
  • “You caused all of this, really”
  • Accusing you of being “unprofessional”
  • “Look at the money you cost us”
  • “Just laugh it off and come back to work”

This is like a 101 course in how employers use guilt trips to coerce you into putting up with their bullshit. This is precisely why you should never trust those employers who insist that they’re “like a family.” They are not. It’s just a ruse so that your boss can neg you into putting your job ahead of your actual life.

Ok this is satisfying and all but he lost me when she *doubled* his rate for *no reason.*

What possible motivation would the business manager have for that.

This is a fable.

@vocifersaurus  … the business manager’s motivation is pretty clear, in my reading. From her POV, it went thusly:

  1. This company entered into a contract with us. 
  2. This company royally fucked up.
  3. This company tried to force their one qualified employee to sacrifice his PTO to fix their screw-up.
  4. The one qualified employee quit.
  5. They didn’t suck it up and take him back, but let the situation get WAY WORSE.
  6. This has negatively affected MY company quite significantly.
  7. They then tried to throw the employee under the bus for the whole mess.
  8. The employee is still willing to do the work, getting my company out of trouble, but wants to get fucking paid what he’s worth, which is not unreasonable. 
  9. I now have a loophole by which I can get my company out of trouble while shafting the other company VERY COMPREHENSIVELY.
  10. I am at this point going to double the price PURELY TO PUNISH THEM.
  11. Fuck those guys.

I’d have done the exact same thing, given the opportunity. 

Because fuck those guys.