First, thank you everyone, especially my commissioners, for the patience with these last days. I had little time to work, and who knows me know it makes a difference on my schedule, and for that i apologize!

I’ll be able to return full speed tomorrow night!

I spent three days without working, and tomorrow i’ll be evaluating the new construction worker that will *fix* the mess caused by the previous one.

To illustrate the extent, the house currently has no windows, not even a front door. No toilets either.

Like. Hell.

The previous one was paid in full for the service, which he didn’t deliver 40% of it. The schedule given by him, on november’s first, was around 20 days.

It’s not finished, we’re on february 18.

So yeah that was a mess.
He is still to return around 20% of the total value… in which i end in negatives, because he was supposed to return 40. If taken to justice, knowing my country, it’ll take AT LEAST six months for me to get hands on crumbs.

So… if he doesn’t pay the 20% the only option-
– is suing. But to that, i will have no money to finish it, so i’ll have a house deteriorating and other things exposed to the environment (cuz ceilings needs FIXING, can u believe)

And… I’ll have to hire another personnel to fix it. More costs.

anyway. It’s been a mess.
Just wanted to let everyone know, because it is… all my savings, you know? It impacts a bit on my working speed and i am already thankful for the patience and confidence given.

I’ll do my best to not delay anything, and for sure i’ll keep everyone updated.

Thank you!
Also, i am on negatives, but i can still manage, so if you’d like, aid someone in more urgent situations!

If you REALLY want to support me, ko-fi is always welcomed!