Nothing more concerning than watching this site fall for the exact same “Look how useless the Dems are, they’re just the same as the GOP, why do you even vote, voting is pointless” routine they did in 2016.

Because y’know what? The people who are telling you that you shouldn’t vote… do vote. And they vote Republican.

The Republicans build their entire strategy on manipulating districts to group together more of their supporters, relying on the Electoral College, and disenfranchising the left, because they’re so backwards and archaic that if they didn’t do those things, they’d never hold office again.

I’m not gonna say Biden’s perfect, because he’s not. Dude is the very definition of an establishment Democrat and he’s probably almost certainly too old for the job. He’s made basically no impact in any visible way. That’s all true.

But he’s also got basically the entire Republican party and a handful of his own standing in the way and making it impossible to achieve anything.

I mean for fuck’s sake, in 2017-2018, this site was filled with people screaming “Tyrant!” and “Fascist!” every time the Cheeto Man used an executive order to force his awful ideas into law without due process, and now those same people are becoming angry with Biden for not doing that.

In 2020, this site was filled with people going “Hey, don’t go all doomsayer and apathetic when Biden doesn’t take over and immediately fix everything, because that’s probably not going to happen, and getting the country to swing left is going to take a lot of time and effort and it’ll be a slow, painful process as a result.”

And oh look, now they’re going all doomsayer and apathetic because Biden didn’t take over and immediately transform one of the most racist and corrupt institutions on the planet into a leftist utopia with a snap of his fingers.

And yeah, a lot of this shit shouldn’t take a long time. The people who have suffered under America’s regime for decades shouldn’t have to wait for the old rich farts in charge of the machine to painstakingly fix their bullshit, it shouldn’t be like that. But it is like that. And we can’t fix that quickly any more than the Democrats can fix the damage the Republicans have done.

Yeah, the current crop of Democrats are about as uninspiring as it gets. But you’re not going to get any movement leftwards if you keep letting the extreme right that is the current GOP back into power.

I see the same shit every week these days. A screenshot of a tweet will start circulating, with the usual “Oh look how useless the President is” “He’s not doing anything” “He’s given up after trying nothing” “Remember when you said we had a moral obligation to vote for this man” and it will be massively popular, and all the blogs that talk politics will reblog it and agree with it.

And then two days later, it’ll reappear with an addendum added pointing out that the person that made the Tweet is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, and has voted Red in every election since they hit voting age, including 2020.

Do you think this shit kicking into high-gear as we go into Midterms Year is a coincidence, or have you all just forgotten that this was the exact same strategy the Republicans used in 2016?

I feel like this site needs one of those “Is-The-Animal-Video-Cute” blogs but for political Twitter screenshots. “Is-The-Tweet-Republican-Propaganda” or some shit like that, because the answer is nearly always yes.

And I see a lot of people trotting out the age-old “It’s not my job to educate you!”

Yeah, no, see, that doesn’t work. Sure, it might feel righteous in the moment, but letting people do their own investigation on politics is basically feeding another brain to the right.

It’s been happening as far back as GamerGate, and probably before that too.

People asked the Left questions, the left went “It’s not my job to educate you”, so they went looking for answers, and they found people like Carl Benjamin, like MundaneMatt, like InternetAristocrat/Mr. Metokur, who ended up telling them that GG is right, actually, and there goes another one into the Alt-Right Pipeline.

The left’s unwillingness to actually talk to people, the fixation on paywalling our news sites and telling people to do their own research has only ever sent more people to Fox, to Breitbart, to 4chan.

So here’s what’s going to happen.

When election day rolls around, you are going to go and vote. You are going to vote blue. And maybe it’ll stick in your craw, maybe you’ll do it with gritted teeth, maybe you’ll spit on the ground afterwards.

But you’ll do it. Because the alternative is this: